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MasterDefrost™ Magic Thawing

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Want to cook a quick meal but forgetting to take the frozen food out of the refrigerator in advance? Then you have to put off your lunch until evening. Do you have such a terrible experience? To accelerate defrost, we have tried many ways, such as air thawing method, running water thawing method, heating thawing method, microwave thawing method, etc. However, these methods cannot meet your quick thawing needs as they take at least half an hour. Then the rapid thaw defrosting tray becomes popular kitchen equipment. Today, we are going to introduce a hot selling instant defrosting tray for you - MasterDefrost™ ✔️

MasterDefrost™ is a hot-selling device to help you quickly thaw the frozen food in half of the normal defrosting time. 

Thanks to the groove design on the surface, the melting water can quickly drain away to reduce the bacterial growth on the food.

MasterDefrost is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is stainless, durable, and has an efficient heat conductivity and is easy to clean.


  • ALL NATURAL -NO GAS OR ELECTRICITY: It requires no electricity, chemicals, or heating! No need to microwave your frozen meat to defrost, In fact; the tray will be completely cool to the touch! Simply place the defrost tray on your kitchen counter and add your frozen food to the top. For a Quick test Place an ice cube onto the defrost tray and another onto a normal household plate, watch as the ice cube on the Defrost Tray melts before your eyes!
  • EASY AND SIMPLE TO CLEAN DISHWASHER SAFE: It has a non-stick surface making it very simple and easy to clean. The tray dimensions are 9 inches long and 6.5 inches wide which is small enough to fit in a dishwasher. Master Defrost™ is made out of special aluminum which gives it the ability to draw cold from frozen food in minutes. As always, use precautions when handling raw meat.
  • CONVENIENT AND USER-FRIENDLY: It will defrost food quickly and safely right on your countertop making it extremely convenient. This tray will help you defrost any frozen food much quicker than leaving in the fridge which can take 24hrs to fully defrost and quicker and safer than at normal room temperature, which can take 10 hours. Leaving meat out at room temperature for long periods of time is also unhygienic, allowing bacteria to spread.

How to use MasterDefrost™?

It’s very easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Step 1. Put the frozen food on the defrosting tray.
  • Step 2. Wait for a few minutes until the food is completely defrosted.
  • Step 3. Take away the food and cleaning it with running water.

Note: If you want to defrost food in batches, you’d better put the defrosting tray under the warm water for a few minutes so that it can continue to work more efficiently.

How MasterDefrost™ Works?

Master Defrost™ is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which has much higher thermal conductivity than ordinary materials. Through high-speed heat exchange, the aluminum alloy enables the frozen food to achieve the fastest natural thawing effect without power and water consumption.

Is MasterDefrost™ Safe?

Yes. It is very safe. As it takes advantage of aluminum alloys excellent thermal conductivity to achieve fast defrosting and there are no chemicals and toxins.

Is it Necessary for You to Buy MasterDefrost™? 

Yes. Here are the reasons why it is a must-have:

  • Saving time: the defrosting tray can help you thaw the frozen food quickly and it only takes you half the normal defrosting time.
  • Healthy: the slow defrosting makes food easy to breed bacteria and lose part of nutrition while defrosting tray can accelerate the defrosting.
  • Convenient and energy-saving: with the defrosting tray, the only thing you need to do is to put the frozen food on it, so you will no longer need to use the microwave or try other methods to accelerate the defrosting.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 29.5 X 20.5 X 0.2 cm


  • MasterDefrost™️ defrosting tray x 1 Pc + Gift 🎁 Silicone Sponge Protective Cleaning 


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